Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day #2—Sarah Lipps, Guest Shit Talker

Welcome to Day #2 of Sarah Lipps Guest Shit Talker. Again let me introduce Sarah.

Not only is she a fine and amicable word rearranger for Finelight. She also holds the record for screaming, "Racist Ham Eater" at a gaggle of pigs. True story. Just ask her.

Today brings us, "Please Love to Party?!" again snapped from The Bishop.

Sarah believes there is a story behind this Shit Talking photo...

"Desperately wanting to fit in, Valya uncapped her sharpie and scribbled on the wall the only English sentence she knew. It was the phrase she had carried with her while hiding under a carpet remnant in the bed of a pickup truck traveling across the Ukrainian border. The one she gave to the stewardess on the flight to London. And the one she whispered into her new American husband's ear when he greeted her at her gate at the Indianapolis airport. Please love to party?!"

Would anybody out there please love to party?!? Please comment your love below.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm, shit talking is even better with a back story!

    Maybe the next day she came back and wrote, "please take the hangover?"