Monday, October 18, 2010

A Tribute to the Mag Bar Bathrooms

Welcome to a week long tribute to one of Louisville's true dive bars, The Magnolia Bar (or Mag Bar).

If you've never been and live within 100 miles of this place, shame on you. This is what all bars should be judged by—killer jukebox, stiff drinks, and enough freaks to stare at drunk and sober. You never know if you're going to hangout with emo kids drinking High Life or large men in overalls enjoying whiskey with no ice, reading print outs from the Revolution.

The bathrooms are true murals for Shit Talking. Tons of graffiti kid graffiti. A few "fuck you"s. And hundreds of random, bizarre messages. I could devote an entire month to the Mag Bar's bathrooms. Beautiful.

Keep tuning in this week and take some Mag Bar advice and "get your shit right".

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