Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Mag Bar Day #4

Welcome to Day #4 of the Mag Bar's Bathroom tribute.

Today, it's time to talk about positivity—"You are Beautiful, even if the male gaze denies you that".

Ladies, I know sometimes you think, you're not attractive. Start feeling low. No good. Like that candy bar wrapper you can't get off your high heel, and then two block later when you think you've gotten it off, you realize, "fuck, it's been there for the last two blocks and I walked past that guy who I thought at the time was checking me and my new shoes out but now I realize, he was just wondering what kind of trash whore walks around with 2/3rds of Snickers wrapper on her foot".

Ladies this message is for you.

Even though the fellas ain't looking at you in your beat up sweat pants and salsa stained, 2001 Sr. Frog's Spring Break T-shirt, members of the same sex, still think you be looking fine. Fine.

So chin up.

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