Monday, February 11, 2013

Got Dang! It's been a while!

Big thanks to Afterburn for this one. Looks like we're getting Freudian today.


I haven't been a very good blogger lately. More than a month between posts? What's wrong with me?

I mean, surely, I've had inane ramblings that need to be expressed. Let's run down what's going on.

– It's that annual time of year where the asstards at our benefit company gets ready to tell us our health insurance is going to go up another 23%. I hate these fucks. Every year their fat neck salesman saunters in with his fucking shit eating grin and his shit filled penny loafers to lie, cheat and swindle our company out of more money. In two years time, our health insurance has gone up nearly 50%. I'm sure after they year it'll be 70% in three years time.

How shitty are they?

Recently, I went through a re-fi on my home and because of this fuck's shitty selection of an FSA account, my credit score was lowered 20-40 points because I was sent to collections TWICE with no notification.

I hate this fuck. I hope he chokes on the fat in his own neck.

– Big shot out to Ran into Chris Emmons the Director of Sales on Friday night. Chris dropped about four beers on me that I've never had before. Thank you sir, nice evening.

– The Jeep continues to decline, go figure. At 17 years old, the locks have decided to only work about 10% of the time. They don't lock or they lock me inside the Jeep. I've spent about three days in the last two weeks trapped inside it. I'm going to start carrying a hammer. Spring is coming and I think the windows will be down permanently.

– Oranges. Not sure why, but some of the best oranges of the year seem to be out right now.

– My left knee. Should this thing hold up, looks like I'll be running a 5K. If it blows out, I'll be paying 5K to get it fixed. We'll see.

– My addiction to cajun food continues.

– This is boring and I'm done with this post.