Monday, November 1, 2010

Guest Shit Talker, Sarah Lipps—Day #3

Well this was going to get posted Friday but I decided spending three and a half hours at the eye doctor sounded way better. Thanks eye insurance and your limited local acceptance! At least this time nobody shit themselves while I was at the eye doctor, however my doctor's name was Dr. Schat. BOTH ARE TRUE STORIES!

Anyway, Sarah was kind enough to snap one final photo from The Bishop.

The thing about this shit talking photo and Sarah acknowledges this, the owners of The Bishop decided to write this one on the wall.

Why? I'm not sure.

Is liquor enough to really unhinge the levels of economic success and failure of people in this country? Didn't we try this with prohibition only to see it fail? And drinking more is only going to create more Billy Martins, Charlie Sheens (sans coke, because coke can do no wrong), and Lindsay Lohans.

And if I own a bar, I've gotta say, I'm going to do much better than this weak, ambling message. Hell, my bathrooms would feature Sharpies tethered to the walls and signs encouraging people to void out this kind of dreck.

Thanks Sarah for the photos. If anybody else out there would like to take a week or a couple of days Guest Shit Talking, shoot me your photos and words.

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