Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good Touch. Bad Touch.

While I'm running low on images, I was shocked to see I hadn't posted this one yet.

This is one of my favorites.

And since I don't have too much time today to write a big long debate about, "Is there really such a thing as a bad touch?", I'll sum up my side of the argument with "NO, there's not."


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fried Bologna Sandwich Splatter.

Really? Really! This needed explaining? This warranted a sign? This actually fucking happened/happens?

Is there really some fucktard out there, driving around America taking paper towel dispensers apart in truck stops?

Are they stealing all the paper towels so they can take them home and use them to mop up all the fried bologna sandwich grease splatter? Because nothing, and I do mean nothing, sops up fried bologna grease like industrial paper towels.

Who does this? What is wrong with truck stops?

Sure you can buy trucker's speed, get a beeg from an "lady" named Hank and refill a 98 oz. thermos with Mountain Dew—but I remember when the truck stop paper towel dispenser was sacred. It was the bible of bibles. The king of the road's king of places to dry his hands.

Let's face it America. The more paper towel dispensers that get taken apart, the closer we are to being a society with those shitty hand dryers that just don't work. So, stop the apocalypse and "Do Not take Apart".

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm running on empty.

"Why so many lies?"

No lies here, just the honest to gotdang truth!

As we get close to the end of the year, my Shit Talking reservoir of photos is running a bit low. I have enough to make it to the end of the year and I also have quite a good batch of reader submissions to run, but this is the 82nd Just Shit Talking post. That's a lot of bathroom graffiti photos.

But good news!

I will be off for two weeks, starting next week, and plan on hitting between 25 to 40 bars in Kentuckiana (or Indiucky depending on your preference). No, I will not be drinking at them all, maybe just one or two. I going to try to actually use a real camera to nab another year's worth of photos—OOHHHH WHO FEELS LIKE A BIG BOY!

I also am going to spend the time off upgrading this site some, right now it's pretty much shit. No real design here whatsoever. No real thought into this ugly bastard, just 'get the photo up and try to make fun of something/somebody'. That has to be fixed. I'm kind of ashamed of the little blasted thing really.

So, stop your lies. Santa (or Satan) is watching (again, depending on your preference).

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today, it's all about DICK!

Getting you assholes to read this site everyday is a chore.

Running a good blog is supposed to be about giving your reader good content so they keep coming back.

It's also about not calling your readers' assholes.

And hell, a good blog shouldn't have as much swearing as this one and probably shouldn't take so much joy in what is a really juvenile idea for a blog.

Well fuck that noise. Today, you get DICK.


So have a great day and enjoy the picture above of a/an:

  • cock
  • penis
  • Johnson
  • prick
  • dinkus 
  • baby-arm
  • beaver basher
  • baby-maker
  • bell on a pole
  • beef whistle
  • boomstick
  • burrito
  • bishop
  • bratwurst
  • candle
  • cranny axe
  • cum gun
  • custard launcher
  • dagger
  • deep-V diver
  • ding dong mcdork
  • disco stick
  • dog head
  • drum stick
  • dong
  • dork
  • dude piston
  • eggroll
  • Easy Rider
  • fang
  • fearless, furless ferret
  • flesh flute
  • flesh tower
  • fire hose
  • fuck rod
  • fudge sickle
  • groin ferret
  • heat-seeking moisture missile
  • hose
  • hog
  • jackhammer
  • Jimmy
  • John
  • joystick
  • kickstand
  • knob
  • krull the warrior king
  • lap rocket
  • leaky hose
  • little Bob
  • little Elvis
  • lizard (as in "drain the...")
  • longfellow
  • love muscle
  • love rod
  • love stick
  • luigi
  • manhood
  • meat popsicle
  • meat stick
  • meat injection
  • member
  • meter long king kong dong
  • microphone
  • middle stump
  • mushroom head
  • mutton
  • netherrod
  • old boy
  • old fellow
  • old man
  • one-eyed snake
  • one-eyed trouser-snake (Australia, UK)
  • one-eyed monster
  • one-eyed wonder weasel
  • one-eyed yogurt slinger
  • pecker
  • Pedro
  • peepee (children's term)
  • Percy
  • peter
  • Pied Piper
  • pink oboe
  • piss weasle
  • piston
  • plug
  • poinswatter
  • pork sword
  • prick
  • princess sophia
  • private eye
  • private part
  • purple-helmeted warrior of love
  • purple-headed yogurt flinger
  • quiver bone
  • rod
  • rod of pleasure
  • roundhead
  • sausage
  • schlong
  • schmuck, shmuck (Yiddish)
  • schnitzel
  • schwanz
  • schwarz
  • shaft
  • short arm
  • single barrelled pump action bollock yoghurt shotgun
  • skin flute
  • soldier
  • spawn hammer
  • stick shift
  • surfboard
  • tassle
  • third leg
  • thumper
  • thunderbird 3
  • thundersword
  • tinker
  • todger (Australia, UK)
  • tonk
  • tool
  • trouser snake
  • tubesteak
  • twig (& berries)
  • twinkie
  • vein
  • wang
  • wang doodle
  • wanger
  • whoopie stick
  • wiener
  • Wiener Schnitzel
  • wick
  • willy (children's term)
  • wing dang doodle
  • winkie (children's term)
  • yingyang
  • yogurt gun
  • Moisture and heat seeking venomous throbbing python of love
Enjoy. Did I leave out any?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reader Submission Wednesday—Mike Jones

Props go out to the fantastic Mike Jones for this week's Reader Submission.

Mike Jones is not a fictitious person. In fact, during the late 90s he was actually better known as Battle Kat. (See below.)

During the early 2000s, his wrestling career took a nose dive. Left with billions from rolling around, sweating on men and brushing up against their sausages, Mike combined his love of sausage and graphic design to launch a series of failed magazines.

First was...

Second was...
This was launched during Mike's "Spider Lady" phase. (Nobody really knows what that was.)

Finally, living having blown almost all of his Battle Kat money, Mike launched his last failed magazine...

Aptly titled at the time; however, the poor, jet setting, S&M, lemur loving crowd was just too poor to buy this magazine.

Sad, sad, sad.

Now Mike Jones is an avid duck bill model, toast making enthusiast and art director for Finelight.

To Mike Jones, this week's Reader Submission Shit Talking Photo Blog Submitter & Submission Person of Interest.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jesus's Savior

Forget what the good book taught you. Forget those Sunday school classes. Forget all the hell, fire and brimstone that's been spewed out of a half drunk baptist minister. Jesus may have parted the Red Sea, conquered Russia with just a cantaloupe and fought off the Nazi at Normandy—but dammit Karl Malone died for your sins!

His sweat, that poured like the Rivers of Jordan hath fed the meek.

His hook shot hath cured the poor.

His sweet, sweet dunking abilities hath healed the lepers.

His short shorts hath risen from the dead and laid a triple double right on Satan's bare buttocks.

Hell hath no fury like a woman? Nay!
Hell hath no fury like Karl Malone going after a loose ball or the last remaining McNugget.

With his trusty side kick John Stockton at his side, the kingdom of Short Shorts shall punch the devil in the nose and bring freedom back to all of Terabithia.

Let freedom ring. Let freedom ring.

Monday, December 6, 2010

This is what Monday feels like?

Ugg. It's not just a Monday. It's a Monday in December.

Snow is on the ground and in the air. And with two weeks of vacation just two weeks away, productivity is at a low and egg nog consumption is at a high.

Part of me wants to go lay under the Christmas tree with my morbidly obese cat.

Somebody go get me another glass of egg nog, I need a nap.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lambeau Field gets shitty.

Welcome back to day three of Shit Talking's Even Shittier Photo Week.

"Sanitary Vent"

Today's even shittier shit talking photo comes from the frozen tundra of  Lambeau Field. Again, thanks to the AMAZING camera on my camera phone, which doesn't have a zoom feature, this is about as close as I could get to "Sanitary Vent". Also, notice a blurry finger in the foreground—expert photography, here, expert photography.

I did some light searching and can't come up with what a "Sanitary Vent" does, nor do I really want to know. Plus, I'm feeling really lazy today. Anyway, "Sanitary Vent" just sounds gross. Should we rename it "Shit Tube."

Regardless, being married to a Green Bay Packer fan has rubbed off on me. I admit it. Growing up in central Kentucky, there was no football to cheer for—UK sucked, the Bengals sucked and so did the Colts (besides the Colts were from Indiana).

Go Pack Go!

Go Shit Tube Go!