Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Leave a #

Finally today, I end with this photo.

First of all, he forgot the word "put".

As it reads right now, I'm not sure how to, "up my ass". He also should have added a period at least because I'm not sure how to, "up my ass leave". Aren't "up" and "leave" contradictory in this instance?

Unfortunately, nobody has taken this guy up on his offer. Shame. We could all find out how to, "up my ass leave."

(P.S. I probably shouldn't talke about grammer or punctuation, this thing is most certainly riddled with errors."

High Speed Reed

Hey just cuz I'm posting 5 times today, doesn't mean they all have to be gems.

I kind of gather that High Speed Reed is some high school jock who will end up spraying down the produce at Kroger eventually. This of course after he knocks up his high school sweetheart and gets booted from the military for smoking grass in the mess hall. Or some other downtrodden example that will ultimately lead to him dying alone in a trailer park watching reruns of Mama's Family.

Meth might also be what makes High Speed Reed run.

Either way, I'm not a fan of these types of folks. Was never terrorized by them or threatened by them in high school. Actually was okay friends with a few. In fact, my mother worked with one of THE high school jock's father. He was a doctor, my mother a nurse.

The doctor would always brag about how great his son was, how smart he was, how we was banging the 3rd prettiest cheerleader in school, how his son got caught shit house wrecked at a party and it was just the cutest thing...

Anyway, that guy now builds fences. 24/7/365.

That's it. The main competition I had from my childhood, now nails wood to other pieces of wood.

While what I do isn't that much better, I like to think I might have won this round.

If I lost, at least I don't have to chain link remnants under my finger nails.

America! Fuck Yeah!

Yer got dang right!

Go America!

Glad this is Memorial Day week. Celebrate our vets and those we've lost with potato salad and pyrotechnics!

"Just Awful"

I have no idea what Brick Dust is, but I feel like somebody just blew a pile of it in my eyes. Okay, not really.

I just presented some concepts to a client. One of the concepts warranted the following response:
– "I don't know if I could like it less."
– "I intensely dislike this."
– "Just awful."

My response is laughter and in all honesty pleasure.

I'm actually glad this happened. The man was honest and straightforward. I would take this everyday over the type of client who says, "Well if you just change this or that, I think we would be fine." Or, "I'm not sure about this one."

Sometimes brutal honesty is the best thing in the world.

(The other two concepts were well received and lauded appropriately.)

Feel the Power

I'm back.

After being chased by a vicious mob most of last week, I have returned. Armed with pictures galore, I now have no excuse not to post.

Okay today's plan. Five posts, to make up the fact that I haven't been around lately.

Smooches and brace yourself.