Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Welcome to Homophobic Wednesday

This is the last reader submission I have. (Thank you John Jacobsen.) So until somebody sends me more. Reader Submission Wednesday is going to become "Homophobic Wednesday"—lawd knows I've got more than enough of this crap from men's room walls.

Today's entry is actually kind of interesting. Somebody took "I eat gay cock 4 lunch yum" and tried to unhomophobic it. Now if somebody could do the same for Mel Gibson we might have something going here. (Look at me mom, I'm on Leno!)

Only problem, and I realize the unhomophober only had the clever "I eat gay cock 4 lunch yum" phrase to work with, this new phrase makes no sense. "I eat stray cook 4 lunch yum". Come on, if you're gonna Shit Talk the homophobia out of something, don't correct it, just scrawl something else on the wall that makes fun of this stupidity.

If anybody wants to end Homophobia Wednesday, send me your Shit Talking photos.

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