Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chuck Johnson, done somebody wrong.


This week's reader submission comes from two separate people from two separate port-o-potties—thank you Mike Jones and Amy Wathen.

First up...Chuck Johnson Eats Here. Gross, yet inventive. Chuck has really angered somebody or somebodies enough to warrant two Shit Talking moments.

I don't know Chuck. But I'm going to guess Chuck is the type of guy who pees in his shoe and walks around in it, beats his parents up for new gaming systems and knocks the beer out of your hand while you're two sips in. Chuck must be a dick.

Second...Chuck Johnson is My Ball Cleaner. I don't like this little piss shoe walker. He's a bully, I'm guessing, who is finally getting his comeuppance.

Keep on keepin' on Chuck.

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