Thursday, September 9, 2010

Starts with and "R" ends with a divorce.

Well, holy shit! Here's one for a Thursday morning.

I'm not sure how America benefits from this maneuver exactly.

Do the terrorists win if we don't?
Wait, isn't this essentially what the terrorists are doing in their motherland to their wives/stable of women currently?

If we don't, does America lose it's rep as the baddest cat on the corner?
Wait, I think Bush managed to help wipe that out.

Does this fix the economy?
Okay, so if you're gonna rape your wife, I'm assuming you'll need petroleum or some other type of lubricant. And who in America produces more petroleum based products than anybody else? Answer: Halliburton.

Fuck you Dick Cheney. I will not abide by your shit talking suggestions.

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