Monday, September 13, 2010

I hate Captaaaaaaaaaaan Plannnneeeettttt!!!

Apparently Captain Planet has turned into a real asshole and wants us all dead.

First his tv show gets canceled. Then aerosol cans eat his ozone layer. Then... well there's a lot of then's actually.

But really, as a Captain, he's done a pretty shitty job. A Captain is supposed to lead you to victory. Rally the troops and charge ahead. But when was the last time you even saw this asshat?

His show isn't even in syndication.

Shouldn't this mook be down here picking up cans and cardboard? Shouldn't he be punching BP in the corporate dick? Maybe he should stop eating all the magic mushrooms in the forest and get the fuck back to work. Toot! Toot fuckstick! Break time's over Captain!

(Thanks go to Jacobsen for this pic, I think)

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