Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Monday and My Pederast Mustache is Coming in Nicely

Every once in a while amongst the gibberish and scrawl I come across an interesting drawing. I like this one because not only did it take the artist a bit to draw, he (it was in a men's room) took time to actually doodle in the Pederast/Mexi-stache.

Well done sir.

Growing up I went to school with a kid that had this kind of weird, wispy mustache. I think he got it around 10. Not kidding. This kid was already creepy without it. He didn't need anything else to vault him into the category of potential future pedophile, but sure as shit his velveteen lip buddy took him there. When I graduated and he got held back a year, his 'stache looked the same as it had when we were 10.

I'm pretty sure he now hangs out around playgrounds, cotton candy machines and free pony rides. It's weird to think about having gone to school with a sex offender. Could I have stopped him? What if I did slam his dick in his desk? If I wasn't such and asshole and always making fun of his mustache, would he have turned out to be a normal person instead of somebody's creepy Uncle that you're not allowed to hang out with alone?

Eh. So it goes.

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