Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm too sexy...

"I'm too sexy for this stall... so fuck y'all -ME"

I wish this is what Right Said Fred would have been Right about. Instead the Freds were just creepy as hell. And not in that "hey, there's two big bulky dudes whom I wouldn't want to fight" but more in the way of "hey, there's two big bulky dudes I wouldn't want to leave my cat with because they got WAY too familiar with one in that video." The last thing I want is my cat to develop some kind of obsession with mesh shirt wearing, erect nippled, British men.

While, I get in trouble for running my mouth about how shitty Oasis is, I'm going to go ahead and assume by writing the next few paragraphs, some Russian, Right Said Fred fan blog is going to contact me and threaten my life, but here we goooooo......

So, Right Said Fred is still together? And still performing shows? Really?

Not only are they performing shows, they're having to add shows because they are selling them out.

I'm not angered by this, more shocked and intrigued.

Want to know something even more disturbing?


They've also released a total of 9 records. THAT'S 9, AS IN, THE NUMBER THAT COME AFTER 8, RECORDS!!!!!

How could I possibly have missed 7 records that didn't contain I'm Too Sexy?

Now as a "stupid American", I realize we might not "get" Right Said Fred. In fact, as a straight, white dude, I might not "get" Right Said Fred. I might not be going to the right bars or listening to whatever radio station here that has "JAM" in their call letters. But surely, with the novelty of "I'm Too Sexy..." you would think somehow, more Americans would have absorbed a few more Right Said Fred albums.

Hell, the Toadies had one "hit" (I love the Toadies, I'm not dissing them), and they got a spot on Lollapalooza a couple of years ago.

So, I have to say, I'm now utterly confused. How do I finish this blog post? Do I continue on a rant about Right Said Fred? OR Do I start a campaign to try to get Right Said Fred added to Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Coachella?

What the hell would you do?

(Thanks Amy Wathen for this photo)

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