Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hipster Booger

Sup slowtards.

Back with a damn vengeance, a White Castle, Big Red thirst vengeance.

Today's contribution comes from somebody. To be honest, I'm not sure who. It was in my phone when I cleaned it out the other night. The texts and emails come late at night sometimes. At this point I'm either neck deep in articles online about why cranes symbolize peace in Japan or I'm busy wrestling a bottle of Schlitz (Gusto Formula).

Speaking of all things Hipster, Schlitz has to be gaining ground in the Hipster nation. While PBR is the reigning king, Schlitz has to be making an impact. It's not as cheap as PBR, but it's kind of like PBR's cousin that lives near a golf course. All the same elements of PBR, it just happens to have a slightly snootier everything—above ground pool, 4 wheeler for his acre and a half yard, propane grill, etc.—you know what I'm talking about. This is the cousin who always has to have Christmas at his house because he just got the newest video game system but doesn't have enough chairs and can only deep fry the turkey.

Anyway, I highly recommend (the now semi-new) Schlitz. For less than $7 a 6 pack it's a pretty damn good beer. It's also better than a Hipster Booger.

Keep it awesome.

P.S. To who ever sent this, thanks and keep the photos coming.

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