Monday, July 19, 2010

That's why Campbell's Soup is Mmmm! Mmmmm! Good!

First I have to say I feel bad for whomever has smelled/tasted:
1. Shark Fin soup
2. Robby's (last name protected) balls

According to Wikipedia. Shark fin soup may cause sterility. Which, if Robby has been eating Shark Fin soup and his balls do indeed smell like it, (by the way that smell would be mercury), there won't be any little Robby's likely running around.

Again, this was written on a men's room wall, so chances are Robby is probably already fine with the idea of not procreating, at least without the help of some science and a donor.

Finally, and this brings me back to point number two, the celebratory "Yay!" is a bit disturbing. Having cracked open a thermostat or two in my life, the smell of mercury is like sniffing an old aluminum can full of old piss. (yes, that sentence did require two uses of the word "old")

This smell is nothing to celebrate.

Good luck to you Robby and your aluminum monsters.

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