Friday, July 23, 2010

I give you the Andre LaDuke

For almost 10 years I lived in Chicago. I met a lot of great people. I met a lot of assholes, A LOT.

Andre was the former.

If you knew Andre then or know him now, you know this is one of his catchphrases. It's right up there with Andre walking past a conference room, then re-walking past that conference room two minutes later and falling down with his pants around his ankles. It's also right up there with his famous "hey can you come and look at this?" yell over a cubicle wall. And then when you get around the corner of his cubicle, he'd be bent over with his twig and berries stuffed between his legs.

He called it a "fruit basket". I called it eye rape. Looked more like a shredded sausage and some pickled eggs.

Even though he didn't write this, I'm sure he'll endorse it.


  1. I also remember when Andre ran frantically into my office and asked me, "Is there any kind of rule here that you have to be 100% clothed 100% of the time?" And I said, "um.... not sure we NEED a rule like that, kind of goes without saying." And he replied "But there's no official RULE about it, right?" And I said, "No.." so he said "Great!" and sprinted out of the office.

    And his pulling-his-pants-down-while-falling-outside-my-office-door move made me laugh on so many occasions. Man, do I miss all you goofballs!