Monday, July 26, 2010

Damn Skippy!

You can see a lot of weirdness at Churchill Downs. A lot of depraved, warped people. Drunkards, con men, shell games, port-o-pot gauntlets (youtube it) and everything you need to create a hundred mind blowing moments.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Hullabalou was Louisville's attempt to throw a big ticket music festival. (Yes, Forecastle is awesome and been around for several years.)

Getting in was an absolute clusterfuck. After being put in the wrong line 3 times, a ticket taker ripping off my ticket stub before she should have, 20 minutes of standing in 95 degree heat and security being called because of my final frustrational swearing fit, we were in.

The only the other thing done wrong were some of the people. While wrong, it made for amazing people watching. I do have to say, if your weight is nearing that of a used Hyundai, maybe a bikini isn't the right move.

The set up was great. The music was great—Loretta Lynn, Dwight Yokam, The Avett Brothers and The Black Crowes all within 4 hours.

Left before Dave Matthews band because let's face it, nobody needs to see that.

So would I go again, Damn Skippy!

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