Saturday, April 16, 2011

The rare Saturday Evening Post—Dong Bang

Never dropped a post before on at Saturday night, but what the hell. Seems like as good a time as any to talk about DONG BANG.

Let's get it on.

As you may have noticed, this isn't the traditional Shit Talking Post. It is however an amazing picture of the best name Oriental Grocery and Gift store ever–Dong Bang!

I snapped this on a recent trip to Georgia. The store itself is located in Marietta, Georgia and man the neighbors must laugh it up over this one.

I also realize that by posting this, I've gone completely juvenile. But somehow on a chilly April, Saturday night, this just seems right. So right before you lay your partner down by the fire tonight and get it on, whisper these sweet, sweet words in her ear, "Ah, yeah, Dong Bang."

Go ahead, try it.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I had a juvenile giggle at that, too. When I was a juvenile, lol.

    I live near Marietta and go to Dong Bang because they have all the good quality Asian foods I want. Even the instant ramen is clearly better than what I can find at American grocers.

    The sign is in Korean and reads 동방 식품 (dongbang sigpum), which just means "Oriental food." "Dongbang" means Eastern (culture), Asian or Oriental, so it's kind of a lame name.

    "Hey, kids, let's go to Oriental and get some Kimchee!"

    The store has been in business for decades, and only a bit of English is spoken by the people working there.

    Anyway, those sweet, sweet words you're whispering to your partner mean, "Ah, yeah, Oriental." Which would be hilarious if your partner is Asian, but almost sure to leave you with your hat in your hand.

    And by "hat" I mean "penis."