Thursday, March 3, 2011

You betta put some wata on that damn shit!

Holy shit it's Friday. You ain't got shit to do. So take a load off.

This has been an absolute crazyfest of a week.  Car rides, hospitals, work, fast food, work, fast food, hospitals, hotels, Sweetwater 420, suits, slacks, dress shirts, copy decks, new projects.

Weeks like this drain me and this blog. So much going on, I neglect this little shitbox of the internet. 

Alright, today's photo comes from Amy Wathen, which means it came from woman's restroom. Which also means there's a chick out there who's a fan of Friday, a big fan of Friday. Shocking.

In this case, I hope they're talking about the cereal and not literal shit.

Enjoy your Friday. Next week back to some more debauchery.

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