Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best/Worst Thing You Stolen From You?

Over the course of my life I've had a lot of shit stolen from me.

– Watches
– CDs/DVDs
– Giant unicorn jumping over a naked lady in a field of daisies paintin
– Stereo out of my Jeep (Twice)
– Lunch (bully)
– Tennis warm up jacket
– Headphones (cleaning staff who later returned them on a co-workers desk)
– Small amounts of money
– Wedding ring
– Digital camera

But the one thing that takes the cake—a 2001 Huffy Bandit.

Broke as hell and in Chicago, for $88 bucks I went to K-Mart and bought the cheapest, nastiest bike I could find. I rode the thing for 4 years all over the city. And for a cheap-ass bike, it was awesome. I hit curbs, hit parked vans, hit cabs with it that hit me (I launched it through one cab's windshield once).

But somebody finally stole it from me in the most insulting way.

I U-locked it at a CTA stop, popped off the seat and went to work. When I got off the train after work, somebody had jacked it. Not just jacked it, but picked the U-lock and relocked the U-lock to the bike stand.

Just insulting. I still have the U-lock.

Whenever I think of the bike, I think how awesome it would have been to see somebody trying to ride this thing without a bike seat. Painful.

So what's the best/worst thing stolen from you?


  1. Damnit - I was going to say ^that^ same thing... DAMN YOU ANONYMOUS - you stole the words right out of my mouth and that was the best thing i ever had and you stole it.