Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Racism Wednesday Returns. Now in Faux 3D.

(Click on the picture and take a stare. I have to stop taking photos while falling down.)
Racism sucks.

Except when it's in faux 3D! (Okay it sucks then too.)

What shocks me about this nice little chunk of racism isn't the use of "niggers" or "jews"—two groups stupid white folks have hated forever—but the lack of the writer of this nasty little piece, completely ignoring "arabs".

Come on Johnny Racist. Hating "niggers" and "jews" is old school. Slip into the now. Toss up slander towards our Middle Eastern friends.

What would your inbred brothers back at the Klan rally think of you if they knew you missed the chance to add, a comma and the word "arab" onto this port-o-pot wall?

Well hell, an action like that might get you called a sympathizer. It might even get your fine Aryan blood questioned. Next thing you know, you're defending the "little mulatto who serves you coffee down at the diner," turning off Rush Limbaugh and applying your Calvin pissing window decal to the back of your Toyota Camry.

Nooooo way José. You need to step up your game.

Overall, I give this attempt at racism a fail. Until you hate everybody else, go back to the port-o-pot and think about what you've done. Then and only then can you leave America.

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