Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reader Submission Wednesday—Mike Jones

Props go out to the fantastic Mike Jones for this week's Reader Submission.

Mike Jones is not a fictitious person. In fact, during the late 90s he was actually better known as Battle Kat. (See below.)

During the early 2000s, his wrestling career took a nose dive. Left with billions from rolling around, sweating on men and brushing up against their sausages, Mike combined his love of sausage and graphic design to launch a series of failed magazines.

First was...

Second was...
This was launched during Mike's "Spider Lady" phase. (Nobody really knows what that was.)

Finally, living having blown almost all of his Battle Kat money, Mike launched his last failed magazine...

Aptly titled at the time; however, the poor, jet setting, S&M, lemur loving crowd was just too poor to buy this magazine.

Sad, sad, sad.

Now Mike Jones is an avid duck bill model, toast making enthusiast and art director for Finelight.

To Mike Jones, this week's Reader Submission Shit Talking Photo Blog Submitter & Submission Person of Interest.

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