Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fried Bologna Sandwich Splatter.

Really? Really! This needed explaining? This warranted a sign? This actually fucking happened/happens?

Is there really some fucktard out there, driving around America taking paper towel dispensers apart in truck stops?

Are they stealing all the paper towels so they can take them home and use them to mop up all the fried bologna sandwich grease splatter? Because nothing, and I do mean nothing, sops up fried bologna grease like industrial paper towels.

Who does this? What is wrong with truck stops?

Sure you can buy trucker's speed, get a beeg from an "lady" named Hank and refill a 98 oz. thermos with Mountain Dew—but I remember when the truck stop paper towel dispenser was sacred. It was the bible of bibles. The king of the road's king of places to dry his hands.

Let's face it America. The more paper towel dispensers that get taken apart, the closer we are to being a society with those shitty hand dryers that just don't work. So, stop the apocalypse and "Do Not take Apart".

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