Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reader Submission Wednesday

Thanks to John Jacobsen for this fine, fine submission.

John is a Brand Creative Director at Finelight and Captain of the International Federation of Captain Hats.

Let's break today's Shit Talking image down:

1. WTF? This is just way too random to appear in a restroom. This should be framed.

2. Is Hercules dead lifting the front end of a 82 Datsun 720 King Cab pick up truck?

3. Comic Dick. Fantastic. I applaud the comic dick whenever I see it. Right up there with cartoon boobs the size of Tahiti.

4. Leotard. Why are Americans not wearing more leotards? As global warming cooks us slower than a rotisserie chicken we're gonna need less clothes. Leotards are the perfect way to go. They cover your junk while you get to totally blast your nips.

Ladies, you can even feel all Jane Fonda nostalgic in one.

5. "I love nipples."Take a closer look. I think there's only one nip here. I can't seem to find a second. Go ahead, click on the image.

6. "Growing up can be hard." So hard that you have to mix steroids with your oatmeal and take up power lifting? So hard that somebody cuts off one of your nips with a spork in some kind of teenage lunchroom brawl? So hard that your arm pits look like they've got an entire can of white rain dumped in them?

Thanks John, you bring us the best one nipped, power lifting, bathroom shots. Were you hanging out in a Gold's Gym?

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