Monday, November 29, 2010

The Even Shittier Shit Talking Photo Week.

Today's entry: "My guitar wants to kill your momma."

Most of the photos I take are with an LG Vue camera phone. Sometimes I'll have my Cannon with me but most of the time, I don't want to look like a total skeez bag walking around a public restroom with a camera. At least with a camera phone, if I get caught, I can pull the "oh I just got a text" face or the "dammit, I can't get coverage in here" face.

Thanks to Photoshop, I can correct most photos so they are somewhat eye pleasing and fit within the context of this blog. However, there are times when no matter what I do, the photos look like shit, hence this week. These things happen with a $79 camera phone and the amateur photo skills I possess. So this week, we're going to see what can be done with really shitty shots to make them look some what arty or at least grainy, that seems to work.

Back to today's entry.

I love this photo, or at least the sentiment of it. Anytime you can work a Zappa reference into a night of binge drinking then you sir have obtained the right to punch the nearest bouncer.

Frank Zappa is one of those artist that's an acquired taste, like Neil Young, David Bowie (and not just Ziggy Stardust) and hell Townes Van Zandt. In fact, because he could be so scatter-shot, he might be tougher. It takes some time to get into what the man was doing, but once you get his schtick, you realize there's some damn fine music going on.

Nobody today really compares to Frank Zappa, the closest thing you might be able to compare Jack White. But Jack White has confined himself in a blues rock/hard rock/guitar rock corner. Zappa was all over the board—jazz, rock, orchestral arrangements. You name it, the man probably has an album behind it.

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