Thursday, August 30, 2012


Today's photo comes from Cap'n Syphilis Pin Cushion, aka Matthew Hornyak. 

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It's been murder on the keyboard. So let's get right to it.

I have no transition from Drag the River to the Drag Queen Bar Where I Was Sexually Harassed By My Male Boss And Nearly Fired At The Same Time other than the word "drag" is in both.


Several years ago, I was working for an ad agency in Chicago. I had three gay bosses.

I only mention this because, anybody who is employed has multiple bosses they have report to, but who has three gay bosses? I have no problem with the fact they were gay, it was just an anomaly—kind of like finding a kitten that can speak Portuguese.

Anyway, for a company party, the head boss decided he was going to take us all to a drag show. This was no big deal to me, nor was it anything new.

Hell, I rang in the new millenium in drag bar that served 25 different kinds of mashed potatoes. While the spuds were exploding on my plate and Dick Clark's synapses were exploding in his head, crossdressers were trying to keep their sausages from exploding out of their gaffs.

So again, nothing new.

But what made the company outing drag show different was having my boss tell me, "unless you get up there and tip that dancer, you're fired." And he wasn't kidding. I asked several times, just for clarity.

This wasn't the first time he threatened me with sexual harassment. On other occasions he told me:

  • My "boys" looked nice in a pair of pants I was wearing.
  • My "boys" looked nice in a pair of short I was wearing.
  • He would fire me if I didn't come to his birthday party, where he promptly grabbed my ass.
  • To "get your sweet ass over here" at a party.

I wasn't the only one he sexually harassed. He also reached up another employee's shirt to "feel how much of bear your are", tried to kiss another employee at a gay bar and got way too close to another employee at a urinal—to the point where he asked if he could "shake you off".

The employee he tried to kiss ended up shoving him down a flight of steps. The "bear" grabbed him by the throat. The "shake you off"guy pushed him into a wall. I ended up tipping a Jessica Simpson look-a-like tranny—hey, he had great legs—and then quitting.

Oddly enough HR was aware of his behavior and did nothing. And I mean nothing. All of us went to complain. All of us considered suing the agency but backed off for no real reason other than common decency.

Which is more than he showed us.

I need a shower, I feel dirty.

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