Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dammit so much, Liam Gallagher could have died.

As this site winds down a bit, I'll still be posting here a bit.

In the past, I've made no attempt to hide my passionate hatred for Liam Gallagher.

Hell, I once fought the entire nation of Italy about it. (Dig through the back pages.)

Again, to those late to the party, I hate Oasis. I think they are the biggest waste of cellular matter on the planet. They're just a bunch of prissy ninny's who got big off of one hit, a slight bit of attitude and acting like huge a-holes. How their fans don't see this, has always perplexed me. But some how there are legions of people with holes the size of a gutters going through their central lobe.

Alright. Enough.

I'm not going into further hatred here about Oasis.

What I would like to talk about is how M&M's plotted to kill Liam Gallagher and sadly failed.

If you haven't heard, Liam Gallagher almost died eating blue M&M.



Apparently he's allergic to nuts. (Which doesn't explain why he's spent the better part of his career blowing male music journalists).

Anyway, M&M's, Planters, Payday, Almond Joy, Snickers, Emerald Nuts, open invitation, if you want to send me on any promotional tours that happen to line up with whatever garbage music Liam is currently playing, I'll gladly do it for free. Gimme a shout.

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