Friday, June 8, 2012

Mexi-stache Friday

It's Friday and if I make it through this day without a shotgun and a full gunny sack—it will be a major achievement.

Anywooooo, enough about me.

Going to try to start posting a few more "Art" pieces on Fridays. Here's the first, (and knowing my posting record, the last.)

Doesn't do much for me. But I love the Mexi-stache he's sporting.

Speaking of Mexi-staches, why the hell can't "Mexicans" shave these? They are fucking gross. Are these the mullets of hispanic culture. I guess when they're eating pink tacos behind the dumpster at K-Mart, all the textures tend to blend together? Oh, did I mention it's racist Friday?

Enjoy your weekend.

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