Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zimmer & Kohl Contractors Lose Their Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Nearly a year to the day since I first heard the name Zimmer & Kohl Contractors, aka Satan's Inbred Basement Construction Crew and Perpetual Liars Co., I learned they lost their Better Business Bureau accreditation and their rating has dropped from an "A" to a "C-". While an F- would be more appropriate, I am filled with great satisfaction knowing that this company is no longer endorsed by the BBB.

While the BBB stamp of approval has lost some of its luster thanks to the internet, message boards, Angie's List and tons of other social media outlets, it's still a pretty big deal. Search engine results, still list the BBB reviews and complaints near the top. And they are a fairly big piece of our community as far a being watch dogs go.

Anyway, the most recent story of assholery from Zimmer & Kohl involves them lying and trying to cheat a Disabled Veteran out of money and just being all around dicks to him and his family. Read more about it here, under the 3/13/2012 complaint.

It's shameful.

While Hachem Riahl or Bin Othman, who knows what his real name is, continues to lie and cheat customers, here's to hoping a few less people will be tricked by this deceitful, corrupt individual and his equally disgraceful company.

Bin, I hope the next time you tangle with a Veteran, he pulls out his service rifle and fires off a round or two.

Don't use Zimmer & Kohl Contractors! You will regret it.

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