Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ooh! Ooh! Um, things you'll find on Pete Townsend's laptop!

"Newborn Porn"

It may have happened 9 years ago, but Pete Townsend's child pornography case still piss me off.

He had pictures of a two year old getting raped on his computer for, "some kind of document relating to Internet porn". Well it's been 9 years and his master thesis has never been released. 

Shit, Hitler somehow published Mein Kampfe. 
Charles Manson has released over 5 albums from behind prison walls.
You can even find the Unibomber's manifesto online if you dig around.

But Pete Townsend roams free trolling Russian-child-rape-bondage sites and we are left without his master work. Why?

Come on Simon & Schuster or Golden Books, let's get this thing published!

Eh, this gives me one more reason to hate The Who.

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