Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'll take a dump in your mouth!

This was nabbed from a certain women's bathroom in a certain bar by a certain Lauren Collins or Amy Wathen.

More important than that.... What the hell is going on in women's restrooms?

Has it really devolved into something out of the webpages of Urban Dictionary. Is it Two Girls and One Cup part Deux?

Years ago I worked in a bar and made friends, one of which was named Mary. She was a school teacher from August to May and a waitress from May until August. She told me one day she got distracted in the women's room by how many females didn't wash their hands.

So she started lingering a little bit to see just how few women weren't washing. After a week of doing this,  she swore it was 80% that didn't.

Guys may get labeled as disgusting and maybe our stats are higher than this, but either way, it's just gross. Wash your hands!

And for all the disgusting, crude artwork I find in men's rooms, this is pretty astonishing for a women's room.

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